Websites That Rake in the Dough

Websites That Rake in the Dough


When it comes to gaining an audience or building a clientele base from scratch, to promote an idea or a niche you would like to profit from, building and owning your own websites is an excellent way to achieve this.  Enjoy a passive income stream that you can rely on so that even after the bills are paid, you still have money in your pocket.

Currently individuals who work from home include housewives, the retired or semi-retired, or anyone who desires a second income. Owning a website acts like your homebase on the interenet, where you could earn a passive income with very little work or expense.  There are several ways this is possible:  selling advertising on the webpage, promoting affiliate link programs, or even just selling their own service or products.

Internet usage is increasing every year. A survey conducted by Ipsos in 2016 suggested that Americans aged between 18 to 29 spend more than 40 hours a week online. Matter of fact 6.7 billion hours are spent on social networks alone as a worldwide engagement! With Americans spending 18 hours a day online, and Chinese spending 5 hours shopping a day online this is including time spent online from their mobile phone’s.

Having a website and knowing how to promote it will put your product, niche, service or idea in front of your target audience on an international level, meaning more opportunity to create sales and more money in your pocket. Below are a few reasons why having a money making website can be beneficial:

       1. Acts like your own personal salesman 24 hours 7 days a week.

Having a money making website will sell your products, service, or niche to your customers while you eat, sleep, go on holiday, or out and about day in day out, without you having to be actually present. It can take payments from customers anywhere in the world, and then have that money transferred straight to your bank account.

       2. Paints a professional image in your customer’s mind.

Websites can make your service or product look very professional. You will earn trust as your customers see you as an expert and authority.  Image is important to inspire trust between buyer and seller.

       3. Doesn’t require much overhead to start up.

To have a domain name and a server host to setup the website can cost around $60 a year for most basic packages, a website template design can be done professionally for between $200 – $500 or you can find a free template using a search engine such as There are also many website template creator wizards out there that you can utilize and edit your website to have the look and feel you love it to have without any html knowledge.

Then all you need is a service to manage build a list of client emails of people that buy your product, so that you may promote other useful related products to your niche to them, Mailchimp is free for the first 2000 subscribers and aweber is $19 a month to use their service. They provide a service that manages email advertising campaigns; they will respond to customer emails automatically and also handle new subscriptions and unsubscribers, automatically with little involvement from yourself.

     4. Reach a specialized market.

If you’re offering a certain service or product that suits the needs of those with special tastes, there are a large number of customers who are actively searching for what you have to offer all around the globe. Thanks to search engine optimization or (SEO), you can add keywords to your site.  For example, if you have a website that shows people how to make money from scrapbooking, your keywords you can add to the website could be: “how to create scrapbooks that sell” or “a step by step guide on making scrapbooks for money”. These Keywords help you gain visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that your audience can find you.

    5. Track webpage data from your visitors to gain a clearer view.

Thanks to a few webpage traffic analyzers such as Google Analytics, and AWStats you can see a full report on website traffic sources, this will include; what page they looked at on your site, how long they spent on certain pages on your website, to what links they are clicking on the most. Helping you make decisions and improvements you need to make your customer base grow and overall your websites ability to make money increase.

Their low-cost start up and huge opportunity to reach millions of potential customers internationally can make it very rewarding and a lucrative income source, you can access your website from wherever you are remotely to adjust the what you need on your website whenever it suits you. It also creates an impression in your customer’s mind that your online presence is stable, which gives them even more of a reason to buy from you. If you don’t yet have a website then you’re leaving plenty of money on the table! Now is the perfect time for you to get started!

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