Create Ebooks to Explode Your Income

Create Ebooks to Explode Your Income

Got a flair for writing? Start an explosive income from creating eBooks!

If you have a talent and passion for writing, or have an idea you would like to monetize on, then creating ebooks is strongly recommended.  They’re easy to produce, they don’t cost anything at all to make, all you need is inspiration and a computer and you can start typing one up with Microsoft Word.  It is really that simple.

Amazon reported ebooks are outselling paperbacks on a 2 to 1 basis, with the highest selling genre was in the thriller and mystery category. Amanda hocking made over $2 Million from her self-published ebooks, she writes about fantasy based fiction including stories with vampires and teen romance that have supernatural elements, if you’ve got a taste in twilight and lord of the rings type of books, then you can take a crack at it and make a truckload of cash.

Another beauty about ebooks is a lot of people find it very simple to write a “How to” ebook.  These are very easy to create if you are an expert on a certain subject.  Inspiration for topics could come from your profession, hobbies or interests.  There is literally no limit for things you can write about.  Once that is handled you’ll need an ebook cover to reach out to your audience.  An attractive ebook cover is important because:

  • The Look and Feel attracts your target audience

  • The title and subtitle is what sells the book

  • Convey a message with graphics and colored text to your desired audience on one page.

Creating an ebook cover is pretty simple, you can use GIMP which is a free software stands for GNU Image manipulation program. With very similar features to the popular program Photoshop, The only thing when it comes to the editing and cropping an image with the wand tool I think Photoshop is a little smoother, though with GIMP it’s free and has a lot of great effects and filters.  Or if you want the software the professionals use, Photoshop from Adobe is an option. 

Now that you’ve got your software ready to go all you need is a few images to put together a nice cover and you’ll be on your way. You can either purchase a stock photo from between 10¢ to 28¢.  A few good websites you can visit for these photos are;,,, They can offer you a range of categories from abstract photos, to modern photos, be it fantasy or something else they have a very large variety of stock photos.  They also offer royalty free photos if you wish to save some money.

All you need now is to get exposure to your ebook and you can publish it yourself to begin with and build up capital to afford more effective means of advertising.  There are a few sites that you can publish your ebooks on that can give you that exposure you need.

You can publish your eBooks on the following sites to generate some drive for sales: – Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing service is very handy, once you have created the ebook you would want to use Mobipocket eBook Creator this will allow you to create a table of contents for your eBook and also allow to convert the ebook to amazons accepted format. This will allow your eBook to be downloaded from the Kindle bookstore directly to your customers. – Barnes and Nobles pubit platform provides your ebooks to be easily uploaded and stored within a matter of minutes, very easy to get started, just follow the user friendly prompt steps and you’ll be on your way, Their Nook emulator will allow you to also preview what your content will look like through its NOOK emulator. – This site offers a lot of support for self-publishers, they are focused on self-publishing and they don’t charge anything at all to publish any book, they just take a small percentage of your book sales. They also have paid service where they will format your ebook for you, which is a great support service to those who don’t currently have the software to format their books.

You can also offer your eBook writing skills and services to micro-job sites like or get someone to write an eBook for you. If you have your own eBook you can also setup a website.  If it is a How-To Info ebook that offers value on a certain niche, you can charge anywhere between $8 – $13 and give a freebie give away to your customers.  I wish you good luck and happy writing!

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