Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest methods to make money online if you compare it to creating your own product.

That’s because with affiliate marketing you focus only on promoting your affiliate product and you don’t have to worry about the customer and technical support.

If you are a beginner affiliate then there are steps you can follow to get your business started.


Pick your Niche

Promoting products in a niche you love and know a lot about can go a long way in determining if you will succeed as an affiliate or not.

Affiliate marketing for beginners involves the same skills as for advanced affiliates when it comes to niche finding, because there is only a right niche and a wrong niche and nothing in between.

You have to know how to pick a money niche and not a niche for people seeking free information.

Some niches require you to have certain professional experience like forex, acne…etc and those niches will be hard to sell products into unless you have experience that allows you to answer people’s questions on your blog for example.

If you don’t have such professional experience, then pick niches that are based on personal experience.

So for example if you have struggled with weight before and overcame your struggles then promoting products in the weight loss/gain niche can be much easier.

This way you can judge your affiliate products objectively and even provide more insight and help to your blog readers, even filling your blog with tips and such can help establish a trust relation between you and your readers.


Finding Affiliate Products for Beginners

Some beginner affiliates fall into the trap of promoting product without doing the adequate research, and without not knowing what to look for when judging if a product is profitable or not.

Looking for products that pay high affiliate commission doesn’t always guarantee that you will make tons of affiliate sales.

You have to take into consideration the competition of the product with other similar products and competition from other affiliates promoting the same product as yours.

If you decided to promote a popular product then you can know that it beats other products in the same niche because if its high quality that earned this popularity.

However if the product is popular then most likely there are hundreds of other affiliates promoting the product just like you are. And this could make it tough for you when you run PPC ad campaign or trying to rank your review page on Google.

So finding the balance between Popularity, Commission, and Competition is very decisive skill you should master.

As a beginner affiliate, a good place to start looking for products at is Clickbank’s marketplace and Amazon because they offer easy access to their list of products and they implement a user-friendly system for not only finding products but also for promoting them.


Build Your Affiliate Website

Your best bet as a beginner affiliate is to promote your products from a blog. You first buy a domain name and then a hosting account and install a WordPress blog (most hosting companies will allow you to setup your blog with a click of a button), these are the basic steps you need to launch your affiliate website.

After you set up your blog you need to install a theme, it is bad idea to use WordPress’s default theme as it won’t make your affiliate website unique.

You can search for free themes and find the one which is most appropriate for your niche.

Next, you need to write as much content for your blog as possible, and don’t just fill your blog with product reviews because people like to learn from blog posts.

Selling your affiliate product on your blog should come natural in the sense that you should show your readers that you are more concerned with helping them than with pushing tons of affiliate products on their faces.

Once you have established your blog as an authority in the niche, and have high page views (i.e. 1 visitor reads more than 1 page) then you can start thinking about placing your affiliate links and honestly recommending products you think can really help your visitors.


Getting Traffic to your Blog

Traffic is usually the hardest part for any affiliate especially beginners, and will be the one that taking most of your time along with content writing. So you need to be committed and patient because traffic will not be generated in the first day…heck not even for the first month.

Your affiliate website will not generate any sales without daily visitors coming to read what you have written. But you should rest assured that there are many free traffic sources you can use.

SEO traffic is one of the best ways to get consistent traffic to your affiliate website, but it requires hard work.

Of course you can spend hundreds by hiring the services of many SEO companies out there, but if you are tight on budget you will need to do SEO yourself.

A good way to start is finding blogs in your niche and start leaving comments there and leaving a link to your affiliate website in the “Website” field of any comment form.

You will need to be careful about how you leave your comments, and here are some tips that can help you:

  • Always comment using a real name
  • Don’t leave your link in the comment body
  • Never use your keyword in the “Name” field

If you comment this way, then you will have high chance of getting your comment approved and in turn getting that backlink you want.

Another good source of traffic is social media websites, being active on websites like Twitter and Facebook can help flow at least dozen of visitors to read your blog and that can help you build a readers base and if your blog posts are of good quality the some of them will return back.


Affiliates marketing techniques for beginners are all over the web, and sadly some of those techniques are not proven and they are just pushed on affiliates for ulterior motives.

You need to understand how affiliate marketing works and then learn about the skills required from reading affiliate blogs or even enrolling in affiliate marketing courses.

Be patience and committed and hard working, because those are all the characteristics successful affiliate marketers have in common.

I hope this affiliate marketing for beginners guide can help you get you on your feet, and if you have any questions then leave them in the comments section below, I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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